IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT : The Arts and Alternative Education in Warwickshire.
Hybrid Arts are no longer providing Alternative Education provision to regional Secondary Schools and Agencies. Leamington Art & Music Project (LAMP) are poised, ready to take students with an interest in Visual Arts, Computer Game Design and The European Computer Driving License. This is in addition to our existing qualifications in Music Technology, Performance and Photography. We will also be running Functional Skills in Maths and English.
Most of our partners are aware that when LAMP was born it was part of Hybrid Arts and it’s education model is identical. The model was created by LAMP Director Timothy Ellis in 1998 in partnership with Daventry Training & Employment Service. The simple formula was adopted by Hybrid in 2003 and remains the driving principal at LAMP. ‘To switch young people back onto learning by empowering them through their own ideas and creativity’.

Please see our full list of qualifications here…

Experimental projecting.

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Bird stares at pedestrian.

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Light painting in a blackout.
small one for site